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Commercial Audio Systems for Bars & Restaurants

Complete the atmosphere and maximize customer satisfaction with our commercial audio systems for restaurants and bars. At Audio Image Solutions, we create bespoke, high-quality system designs to provide you with the best audio and visual elements for your establishment.

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Putting together commercial audio systems for restaurants and bars might sound simple on the surface. However, there are various challenges involved with devising an effective audio and video system for these venues. A bar that is open all day, for example, is going to utilize different music levels and types during its opening hours. The music will typically be kept quiet during the day, yet this will be ramped up a few notches at night when a livelier atmosphere wants to be cultivated.

Trying to get the balance right is a near-impossible task without the use of specialized commercial audio systems for restaurants/bars. Think about it. If you go with the wrong equipment choice, you’re only going to please one part of your customer base. You require a music system that hits the right notes throughout the day and is also evenly distributed across your venue.

That is where we work best. We put together highly flexible, highly customizable multimedia packages which take your business to the next level. Forget about standard commercial audio systems. With our help, you can make every booth and table feel as if the venue was designed specifically for their listening and viewing pleasure.

Sound system installation

Quality commercial audio systems is crucial in delivering an optimal experience for your patrons. As mentioned already, the right speakers and their positioning are key for achieving this feat. Trying to figure out these two elements is difficult. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to work with Audio Image Solutions.

During a free consultation, our expert technicians will evaluate your entire venue. They will take into consideration the size and configuration of your bar/restaurant, where tables and booths are positioned, different rooms, and so on. By putting in this groundwork, we can design the ideal plan for your budget and ideas. 

Commercial audio systems for restaurants/bars aren’t just about the speakers and their locations, either. You need the power to have full control over the audio. Fortunately, this can be achieved with our innovative Matrix switches. With these switches installed, restaurant owners and employees can use a personalized touch panel to control everything from music volume to which speakers are in use. The touch panel can also be used to control other multimedia devices such as televisions and projectors.

Television installation

Mounting a T.V.

Many of these establishments also want to add televisions to the mix. This is especially the case for bars, where live sports play an important part in attracting and retaining the attention of patrons. Yet television screens can assist with improving the ambiance of a restaurant – and that’s without broadcasting shows or sports events. They can be used to display digital graphics or even your menu.

Installing a television – particularly multiple ones across your venue – is not a small undertaking. Not only do you have to create suitable space for the televisions to be displayed, but you also have to ensure they’re wired up correctly with the mixer amplifier, so music outputs correctly. The televisions have to display the right footage, which is made even more challenging if you want different TVs to feature different content.

Yet just like commercial audio systems for restaurants and bars, we’re also experts in completing any type of AV installation – including commercial television installations. The best video systems restaurants can offer in Florida have all been designed and installed by Audio Image Solutions. With over 30 years in the industry, our technicians know exactly what your restaurant or bar needs in terms of a television installation, maximizing your budget and vision in the process.

Projector installation

As an alternative or addition to television installations, you may decide to enhance your venue with a projector. An overhead projector installation is one way that allows you to broadcast to larger screens that are available with a television – unless you have an unlimited budget, of course.

When matched up with specialized commercial audio systems, a projector is an effective way to enhance your space with minimal disruption. You can install screens hidden, for example, where they are only visible when the projector is in use. This is useful for any bars or restaurants that have limited wall space available.

Now, this likely doesn’t come as a surprise at this point, but Audio Image Solutions can also handle any project installation project you have in mind. As well as audio for restaurants/bars and installing televisions, we have a wealth of experience with installing projectors in a wide variety of settings. This experience ensures that your projector is seamlessly linked together with all of your other multimedia devices, meaning you can control everything with just a few touches on your control panel.

Ceiling Mounted Projector


What People are Saying

“I want to to thank Audio Image Solutions for coming out and giving me an estimate and then came a day early to get my job done at my business. He’s very professional and thorough. I would recommend AIS for all your Audio installation needs.”

Mike Ortiz

Audio Image Solutions has provided top level service for our new construction and remodel needs. I have had the opportunity to work with them over the last 2 years. They are quick to respond, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. They have worked with us to value engineer costs. You can count on them to be on schedule and under budget each project. They are very competitive in all bids they provide. I would recommend Ron and his team for any of your Audio and Video needs. This is a company who you can work with and trust. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.”

Michael Stone

“AIS was very professional and less expensive than they quoted. We had them do an upgrade to our sound system in a 350 seating general use banquet hall/stage/meeting room. The job included installing ceiling speakers and surface mounted speakers, running cable and configuring a bi-amp unit and wiring up mixer for the changes. All this was done in less than 1 day so as to limit our down time in the room”

David Lashof

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