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Digital Signage Installation

We install and service digital signage

Why Digital Signage?

With the ability to improve on site communications whilst also attracting new customers, programmable signs allows you to supply your clientele with current trends and sales. As a form of communication that can be tailored to meet your specific needs, digital signage is fundamental to any effective communication strategy. Are digital menu’s part of yours?

Digital Sign in Store


So, you’re ready to make the switch to a digital menu? Then, it’s important to ensure that you have a suitable screen; one that everyone can read. When designing a digital signage solution for your business, Audio Image Solution considers every single factor from the average distance of a customer’s view point to the best possible size.

With the utmost attention to detail, we offer you affordable displays that assures every individual is a potential client. Why? Because every individual can read the digital signage we create. It simply makes sense!

An Instant Connection with Your Customers

So a customer’s ready to make a purchase? Directly linked to the securing of this sale is how your product is displayed. Without the right digital menu’s, you may miss a sale, again and again. That’s the potential and power of digital signage.

Employing the latest Point of Sale software, Audio Image Solution will find a digital signage solution that effectively integrates with your POS. That way your latest products will be on display at all times, without you having to do any work.

Digital Sign vs Analog Sign

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