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Conference Room AV Installation

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Conference Room Equipment

The modern-day conference room is one that has a range of complex audio-visual requirements. Along with the need for presentation technologies, integrated audio and video solutions are a necessity to ensure clear communication between clients and colleagues. As a result, it is essential you receive the best conference room AV installation.

That’s where Audio Image Solutions steps in.

With our advanced conference room AV installation techniques and solutions, it has never been easier for organizations to stay connected. We ensure your conference space is equipped with the best audio-visual equipment available. The result: your business can maximize results, improving the efficiency of your operation, being able to bring in more customers, and ultimately enhancing your bottom line.

Even though we have over three decades in the AV installation game, we’re always striving to learn and improve. This is why we work with the latest in wireless presentation, projectors, video walls, speech privacy, video collaborations, and sound masking technology. By being able to offer a complete, state-of-the-art conference room AV installation, we stay ahead of the competition while offering our clients the best solutions to make their work easier.

Conference room AV installation services

When it comes to conference room audio-visual solutions, there are various tools to consider for your setup. From teleconferencing to video walls, from collaboration tools to wireless presentations, all of these can be used to benefit your business.

Which solutions you require is ultimately down to your requirements. However, if you’re not sure, our expert technicians at Audio Image Solutions will be able to help during your free consultation. Ultimately, we will design and complete a professional installation that improves your conference room. It will not only improve communication, but the use of high-definition video and audio-conferencing solutions will create a more enjoyable, exciting place to work for you and your colleagues.

Video conference equipment in board room
Newly designed meeting room

Wireless Presentation

Have you tried to execute a presentation while trying to juggle several devices? If so, you’ll know just how frustrating this can be and how it negatively impacts your presentation. Well, now you can forget about those devices by utilizing a wireless presentation solution.

As part of our conference room AV installation package, wireless presentation means all you need is your laptop. That’s right: you no longer have to navigate multiple devices to complete your presentation. You can control everything from your laptop and, by syncing with the audio-visual solutions, everyone can see and hear your presentation with ease.

Visual Displays

One of the primary concerns with a conference room AV installation is using the right visual displays. This can range drastically depending on what you require with your conference room. It could be as simple as a single projector or as complex as multiple digital displays.

A projector is a popular choice for conference rooms. This is because overhead projectors can be installed without being obstructive to the rest of the room. With the overhead projector being attached to the ceiling joists, you can also use a hidden screen, unveiled when required – to further boost the installation’s discreet nature.

There are, however, various questions that need to be answered when selecting a projector. If it’s in an expansive space, what large venue projectors work best? Is lens shift a necessary feature? What distance is required for the projector to land directly on the center of the screen? Are Elite Screens the right projector screens to use?

The good news is Audio Image Solutions has all the answers for you. If you’ve heard of a visual display setup, we’ve installed it at some point. We know everything there is to know about projectors, televisions, multiple displays, etc. Not only that, but we can provide professional design and installation which no one else can match in terms of value and quality.

Video Conferencing

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Video conferencing has quickly become an integral component for every organization. With Audio Image Solutions’ assistance, we’ll install the right cameras and software to ensure your video conferencing is conducted with crystal-clear audio and visuals. 

Audio System

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Even if you’re only displaying a PowerPoint document via your projector, no presentation is complete without the right audio system in place. You require the right combination of microphones and speakers to ensure your message is being heard – and you can hear what others are saying.

A conference room/office sound system installation isn’t just about sticking a couple of speakers into the most convenient place. If you desire to surround sound and the flawless transmission of audio, professional installation is required. Our technicians will view your conference room, analyze the best positions for speakers, and use the latest noise suppression and echo canceling technology to maximize audio clarity.

Control Systems

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No conference room AV installation is complete without the correct control system in place. The rest of your audio and video conferencing is effectively useless without having a control system to manage all of your devices.

Due to being the cornerstone for the rest of your technology, we take extra care and attention when recommending control systems. We only focus on options that utilize the latest technology and features. By doing this, you gain complete control and the ability to make decisions with just a few button presses.

Why Audio Image Solutions stands above the rest

Whether you’re searching for a simple projector ceiling installation or a complete conference room revamp, Audio Image Solutions is your one-stop shop for your audio-visual needs. With over 30 years being at the top, we know the importance of working with clients and delivering in every area to guarantee their satisfaction. There’s a reason why we are constantly evolving, retraining our technicians, and learning about the latest technologies and processes.

To get a taste of the work we do, you can contact us today for a free consultation. By providing simple details like your budget, requirements, and the space you have available, we’ll be able to map out the ideal plan for your conference room AV installation.

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