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Line Array Installation

Installing Line Arrays are great way of delivering high definition audio to a large audience. With a cylindrical speaker design, everyone, regardless of seat location, gets a crystal clear sound delivered directly to them without being over loud or with unwanted reverb.

JBL Line Array Speakers

Professional Line Array Installation


Line Arrays come in packages for auditoriums and concerts halls of all sizes. No longer do you have to spends 10s of thousands of dollars to deliver the optimal sound Line Arrays offers. Audio Image Solutions can put together a speaker package that fits your budget and venue.  

The best speakers on the market will only sound so good without the proper installation and tuning. Audio Image Solutions has over 30 years in the market to make sure your line array package sounds great. 



Line Array Speakers just installed by Audio Image Solutions

Why Line Arrays?

When it comes to delivering clear quality sound through a venue, line array speakers tend to rain supreme. Line arrays deliver this because of 2 main reasons, dispertion and efficiency.

Instead of throwing sound all around like a typical speaker, line array’s disperse sound in a more cylindrical manner reducing the amount of sound energy on the celings and floors.

When a typical speaker disberses sound to the sound and floor, it creates an interferance with the direct sound and presents unwanted reverb. With a line array speaker system installed, watts can be used to drive power directly to the audience.


Better Acoustics

Line Arrays are an excellent solution to acoustically challenged rooms. Because of the effeciency of the cylindrical disbertion pattern, sound energy is lost at a slower rate when traveling over distance. This results in less wattage needed to fill a room to the back. The only way to combat lost sound with a regular speaker system is with louder sound introducing more reverberation within the room.

roof with troubled acoustics perfect for line array speakers

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